Tenex treatment is an innovative, non-surgical procedure that has been found to be exceptionally effective in reducing pain for most patients. Tenex is a highly advanced, groundbreaking treatment developed to treat specific types of soft tissue injuries.


Ultrasonic energy is applied to the injured body area, identifying and removing diseased areas to restore natural function. The advantages of this treatment include avoiding the need for having invasive surgery, which carries inherent risks and requires a far longer period of recovery. As the procedure is performed with ultrasound technology, little to no scarring occurs at the treatment site.

This is an outpatient procedure performed under local anesthetic, and is both safe and effective -- as well as being less expensive than surgery. After the treatment is complete, the patient will experience little to no pain and a rapid recovery, returning to normal activities in as little as six weeks – far less time than recovering from surgery. There is little to no risk of infection, and no extensive physical therapy treatment needed to restore motion. Only one treatment is usually required to resolve tendon damage, and Tenex has the advantage of halting further degeneration of tissue that could eventually lead to the need for surgery.

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