Prolotherapy has the ability to strengthen and repair injured joints and connective tissue by stimulating the body’s natural healing process ultimately stabilizing the injured joint and delivering long-lasting pain relief. As one of the top providers of prolotherapy, we are dedicated to helping you recover as quickly as possible.


Prolotherapy stimulates your body’s natural healing process to proliferate new tissue and provide pain relief through both mechanical and physiological mechanisms.


Mechanically, the actual ultrasound-guided needle injections cause additional trauma to the area, which your body attempts to heal by releasing inflammatory cells to seek out the injection site. Physiologically, the solution stimulates the body’s natural immune response.

Prolotherapy offers a very effective way to often relieve pain and heal orthopedic injuries.

Prolotherapy treatments are very comfortable and tolerable for most all of our patients, thanks to our use of local anesthetics & precise image-guided techniques to numb the area before performing the procedure.

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