Perineural therapy, also known as neural prolotherapy, is a natural way to treat chronic pain that’s associated with damaged tissues. When administered properly, it may deliver profound healing effects and long-lasting relief from pain and inflammation, so our patients can resume their active lifestyles without discomfort.


When receiving perineural therapy, dextrose and sterile water will be injected directly into the painful area.


This very safe solution treats the small nerves that can’t be seen on MRI or x-ray just underneath the surface of the skin that are potentially contributing to your pain and inflammation.


In addition to easing chronic discomfort caused by superficial peripheral nerves, this also allows the deeper structures beneath the nerves to begin their healing process, so your injury can genuinely resolve itself.

Often used as a natural alternative to traditional pain relief options like cortisone injections, perineural therapy has proven to be a very helpful way to treat a variety of conditions. Perineural therapy procedure is usually very well tolerated and patients do not experience any substantial pain.  

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