Other procedures include a variety of innovative and customized non-surgical options. Conventional treatments in addition to our regenerative therapies, to ensure access to the specialized care that will relieve pain and restore optimal function.

INTERVENTIONAL SPINE PROCEDURES: An alternative for those who are experiencing a variety of spinal conditions. They are designed to prevent and treat neck and back pain with various minimally-invasive techniques, including steroid injections, nerve blocks, spinal cord stimulation and more. When our physiatrists perform these procedures for our patients, they are completely customized to fit your unique needs and injury.

CORTISONE INJECTIONS: In many cases, inflammation is the root cause of muscle, bone and joint pain. As such, it can be controlled on a temporary basis with anti-inflammatory medications like cortisone. We tend to offer low dose cortisone injections in conjunction with physical therapy, delivering much-needed pain relief as you rehabilitate and strengthen your injured areas.

TRIGGER POINT INJECTIONS: A terrific way to relieve chronic or acute muscle pain – especially in the arms, legs, lower back and neck. During the treatment, our Los Angeles physiatrists will inject local anesthesia and a corticosteroid directly into the trigger point, deactivating tension in the area and delivering profound pain relief.

THERAPEUTIC BOTOX INJECTIONS: Although most people think of BOTOX as a treatment that smooths facial wrinkles, it’s also a terrific way to relieve neck and back pain. After receiving your injections, the pain will potentially improve within one to two weeks, with the results enduring for up to six months. At that point, the BOTOX will wear off and you’ll require an additional series of injections to extend the benefits of your treatment.

CUSTOMIZED BRACING: State-of-the-art Bauerfeind custom braces to treat shoulder, back, hand, ankle and elbow pain for our patients. These premium braces are very effective in supporting your joints, enhancing the healing process, realigning damaged areas and restoring optimal function. And, they accomplish all of these benefits while allowing you to move freely, so you can continue leading an active lifestyle with ease.

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