A sports injury can affect men and women of all ages and athletic levels. It can be minor or severe, and it can develop due to an accident that was completely beyond your control – or improper training, techniques and equipment. But regardless of the specifics, an injury can have a debilitating impact on your quality of life. It can keep you on the sidelines for weeks or months on end – and that’s simply not acceptable for most of the athletes we treat.

KNEE INJURIES: Knee injuries are by far the most common problems we treat. From mild injuries like tendonitis and iliotibial syndrome, to more serious ones like an ACL or Meniscus tear, our knee specialists have seen and successfully treated it all.


STRAINS AND SPRAINS: Every athlete experiences a strain or sprain at one point or another. A sprain occurs when a ligament tears or overstretches, while a strain develops due to damage that’s sustained by your muscles or tendons. Whether your injury is minor or severe, you can rest assured that our sports doctors will treat the issue and get you back on your feet as quickly as possible. With our non-surgical philosophy, we explore all reasonable options to keep you active in sport.


SHOULDER INJURIES: If your sport requires repetitive overhead movements – such as swimming, tennis and baseball – your shoulder is at risk.


ELBOW INJURIES: Tennis elbow and golfers elbow are extremely common overuse sports injuries. They cause pain around the elbow joint and are generally seen in athletes who participate in sports that require repetitive wrist extension and twisting, such as tennis, golf and baseball. Fortunately, our sports doctors are highly skilled in treating these conditions, so you can continue performing at your optimal level.

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