After diagnosing the underlying cause of your discomfort, we’ll do everything within our power to heal the area and relieve your symptoms, so you can get back to your sport and your life. With a correct diagnosis, integrating a comprehensive history and hands-on exam along with state-of-the-art imaging, we provide the most efficient treatment options.

There are countless forms of back, neck, and spine pain, and a variety of injuries and diseases can cause discomfort in these areas of your body. Some of the most common ones we see among our patients include: Osteoarthritis, Sprain, Spasm, Disc Herniation, and Strain.

1/2 day premier treatment plan for back, neck, and spine

Our goal throughout your back, neck and spine pain treatment is not only to relieve your symptoms – but also to heal your underlying injury and prevent a recurrence. We want to treat your condition as quickly and effectively as possible – so you can get off the sidelines, and back to your life.


Frequently, we’ll focus on treating your back pain naturally with regenerative biologic options, such as bone marrow stem cell therapy, PRP injections and neural prolotherapy. These treatments can potentially allow us to naturally heal the underlying damage while relieving your symptoms – so that you can hopefully make close to a full recovery.

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